DCC Electronics
& Engineering
Putting the Engineer Back in Your Locomotive.

DCC Electronics & Engineering is a full service company providing professional digital and DCC electronic solutions, design and installations since 2004 to individuals, clubs, businesses and displays:

  • DCC decoder and sound decoder installations model railroad locomotives, Z-Scale to G-Scale.
  • Locomotive, rolling stock, layout building specialty lighting and LED upgrades.
  • Electrical and electronic repairs and locomotive motor upgrades/replacements.
  • Layout design review for DCC conversion/installations and component/signaling upgrades.
  • Custom lighting and lighting effects for locomotives, passenger cars, cabooses, and buildings.

What Decoder or Sound Decoder
do you need?

We can recommend a decoder or sound and speaker combinations for your locomotive or:

Follow these motor only links to help you decide:

Digitrax  NCE  SoundTraxx  TCS

Use this link to help identify what locomotive engine sound file you should use, courtesy of SoundTraxx

For the sound decoder sources try these links:

Digitrax  ESU  MRC  Phoenix  QSI  SoundTraxx

Note that several of the above have user selectable and loadable sound files with additional computer interfaces and programmers that we have on our benches.

DCC Sound in these G-Scale and N-Scale Big Boys

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