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DCC Decoder Installation and Repair Rates:

General Labor Rate not in conjunction with items below: $30/Hr.

Shop supplies - per locomotive (most orders) $5 - $8
(Resistors, wire, shrink tubing, solder, glue, styrene, bolts/washers, shims, etc.)
Shop provided major/custom ordered parts & lights: Cost + 10%

Decoder Install*HO/N ScaleBrass
Plug and play Diesel decoders $30 $40
Plug and play decoders for steam $35 $45
Wired decoders for Diesel** $40 - $50 $55 - $65
Wired decoders for Steam in tender $55 - $70 $70 - $90
Sound Decoder Install*    
Sound installations in Diesels** $50 - $60 $65 - $85
Steam sound decoders in tender w/spkr $65 - $85 $75 - $95
Steam sound decoders in tender w/custom frame
modifications and/or speaker enclosure designs
$75 - $95 $90 - $120
Coupler install    
Coupler installations - MTL/KADEE w/o frame mods $4 per coupler $7 per coupler
Coupler installations - with frame/truck modifications $8 perper coupler $10 per coupler
lighting Install    

Installation of custom or additional lighting

$5 - $25  
Locomotive decoder/lighting repairs $30 - $50 or as quoted
Steam loco running gear repairs $30/Hr. or as quoted

* All installations include basic programming for locomotive characteristics to insure smooth starting and running, addressing, desired lighting effects and sound file updates/conversions.

** Installations requiring frame or shell modifications or milling to accept decoders, speakers, capacitors, & etc., add $10-20 per unit for additional labor and resources. Any modifications requiring extensive rework of the locomotive, owner will be contacted for estimate, discussion and approval prior to proceeding.

The above are standard estimating rates. Any specialized or unique work will be quoted separately or as additional costs. Any work or costs above provided estimates will not exceed 15% without customer approval in advance. Additional work generally quoted at $30.00 per hour base rate.